• Character Design/Illustration
  • London, United Kingdom

I am an illustrator currently working in tabletop gaming, but hoping to branch out. I am currently unable to accept jobs but expect this to change in February.


Contributing Artist at Thunderhead Gaming

May 2015

Commissioned to produce five black and white ink drawings for the interior of the book “The Ruins of Radagga: A Netherstorm Adventure.”

Contributing Artist at Fabled Environments

October 2014 – November 2014

Commissioned to illustrate a cover for the game module “Throwdown at the North Pole” and one black and white interior illustration.

Illustrated a cover and two black and white interior drawings for the game module “Operation Lightning.”

Contributing Artist at Scaldcrow Games

January 2012 – January 2012

Commissioned to produce four black and white interior illustrations for the game module “Dragonfall.”


Scaldcrow Games, Fabled Environments, Thunderhead Gaming


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